Adres:Schipbeekstraat 17-2 1078BK Amsterdam
Telefoon / Fax:0610318407
Soort bureau:Productie & postproductie
Grootte bureau:1 t/m 10
Jaar oprichting:2019
Disciplines:Activatie, Conceptontwikkeling, Contentproductie, Fullservice, Social media, Video

Over ons

Fóque is a creative production company from Amsterdam for high quality film, or how we like to call it: A film boutique. It was founded by Bjorn van den Hout (Creative & art-director) & Ken van Mierlo (Film director) who both share the love for concept and film. Their goal? They want to create high quality film with a great core concept, that touches people. In other words, Create. Film. Emote.
Directie:Bjorn van den Hout, Ken van Mierlo
Contactpersoon:Ken van Mierlo


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