Flirt Creativity

Adres:Krommestraat 70 3811CD Amersfoort
Telefoon / Fax:+31 (0) 33 707 99 33
Soort bureau:Advertising
Grootte bureau:1 t/m 10
Jaar oprichting:2005
Disciplines:Branding, Fullservice, Video, Visual design, Webdevelopment

Over ons

We build brands to fall in love with. A brand is created from the heart of an organisation, the people and it's vision. We create effective campaigns, campaigns based on the overlap between emotion and reason. Through this reason, we can measure if we can connect on an emotional level for great effectiveness.
Directie:Fank Uyt den Bogaard & Dennis van Tol
Contactpersoon:Marielle van Schie


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