Adres: Weesperstraat 61 1018 VN Amsterdam
Telefoon / Fax:+31 20 369 0729
Soort bureau:Digital, Productie & postproductie
Grootte bureau:> 100
Jaar oprichting:2001
Disciplines:Activatie, Advies, Contentproductie, Conversie-optimalisatie, Copywriting, Functioneel ontwerp, Projectmanagement, Strategie, Webdevelopment, Zoekmachinemarketing

Over ons

Globalizing digital communications is a major Undertaking. Digital content production and multilingual e-commerce are becoming more and more complex. 1) With the Importance and continuing growth in the number of publication platforms: desktop websites, mobile websites, YouTube, Facebook pages, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. 2)With the increasing numbers of languages on these platforms to keep pace with globalization (15 languages on average) and 3) With the accelerating frequency of content updating It is more and more difficult, expensive, and time-consuming for companies to keep their digital presence in line with their brand strategy- and doing so efficiently. Datawords manages this process, with culturally fluent translation, managing websites,social media content, SEO, Keyword Optimization, as well as consulting. We have been growing 19 years, with 17 offices globally, and are fortunate with the most discerning clients in the world- firms for whom online presence is of primary importance to their business.
Directie:Jasper van Santen
Contactpersoon:Jasper van Santen


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