Adres:Postjesweg 1 1057 DT Amsterdam
Telefoon / Fax:020 217 03 60
Soort bureau:Advertising
Grootte bureau:11 t/m 50

Over ons

The present is changing faster than the future. To connect with the new consumer you don’t need one door, but many. And the right key to open them. At Cheil we’re at the cutting edge between digital, retail and advertising. We bring them IN SYNC to create consistent, convincing, contagious stories, propelled forward by innovation and real-time insights. We’re not an ad agency, we’re the network built for now. Born from the Asian tech revolution and raised in the digital age. Welcome to Cheil. Our clients include: Absolut, Adidas, Etihad, GE, Google, Hyundai, Lego, Microsoft, Mini, Nestle, Samsung, Shell, de Maag Lever Darm Stichting and Orange Babies.
Contactpersoon:M. Kloezen


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