Brandstichting Amsterdam

Adres:Oudezijds Voorburgwal 133h 1012 ER Amsterdam
Telefoon / Fax:020 233 8568
Soort bureau:Advertising
Grootte bureau:1 t/m 10
Jaar oprichting:2013
Disciplines:Activatie, Advies, Branding, Conceptontwikkeling, Contentproductie, Social media, Strategie, Video

Over ons

We believe digital isn’t about technology. It’s about networks, about connecting. It’s about taking those ones and zeroes and turning them into something your audience can relate to. Because more than anything else, digital is about people. We are specialists in the digital landscape, combining strategy, tactics and media with in-depth knowledge of trends and online psychology. We create meaningful content and products that build genuine connections between your audience and your brand. Creating unforced communication for a new world audience.
Directie:Ruben Smit
Contactpersoon:Ruben Smit


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